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The Pendulum Gardens are based on idea from a poem of that name by the owners late mother Winifred Kidd. The site of Seaton Hall - numerous foundations under the existing Hall lawns and gardens suggest 1800 years of periodic rebuilding even possibly back to pre Roman times - and have been home and work place to hundreds, if not thousands, of people. They once lived and walked around the buildings and land now occupied by the garden. These people have now gone but are their souls somewhere else and where have they gone to?

The garden has been extended and created as a symbolic representation of some of the worlds key religions to represent the soul while on earth and onwards elsewhere. So a tour of the gardens with the backdrop of the "natural Capability Brown" setting and views enthralls the spirit into wondering which guiding hand was behind The Creation. The visitor can wander around various iconic settings to inspire and reflect world religions and beliefs. Adrian Wood was commissioned to create a series of iconic art gates linking various areas together - the courtyard as the Garden of Eden, the Druid tree circle, the fallen Roman Temple of Mithras, St Hildas Grove with its ornamented Saxon sarcophagus representing Christianity and especially St Hilda and Whitby Abbey, the wild woods for "Green" beliefs, an enclosed Persian style garden of remembrance, and long tree avenues symbolising the progress through life with vistas of the "creator" finally to the galactic ramp formed from the re-excavation of the medieval stew ponds. from which the souls all ascend for final a glimpse of this world with the sea in the distance before symbolic departure to an unknowm destination."



" The Sanctuary is complimentary to the garden the large red fibreglass sculpture "Equinox" by Adrian Kidd commissioned for Teesside Law Courts in the "70"s is an expressionist representation of the scales of justice with the two large spherical shoulders balanced as the scales of justice with "justice" exuding from the spherical balance collecting in pools below. This is the anchor sculpture and serves to emphasise the Pendulum poem on which the gardens are based.

Other sculptures include works by Adrian Wood - Art Blacksmith - three sets of his commissioned gates form portals to key areas of the gardens. The gates are as vibrant and striking as Equinox. Other commissions underway include the "Peggy" sunglasses gates based on those worn by Peggy Guggenheim made of highly reflective polished stainless steel in the style of her trade mark iconic sunglasses of the 1950"s. These link to her role as one of the most important art patrons of the 20th century and a significant part of her library in the house. Mondrian Gates for the entrance to the drive.

While seeming to add an incongruity to the gardens the vivid colours and symbolic representation and shapes are a perfect foil to the garden and setting and antidote to the more usual Georgian or Victorian inspired gates and sculptures of many a public garden. Other dramatic works are two very large paintings by Liverpool artist Peter Corbett for the event centre gallery when it is complete.

The sanctuary is designed to be a unique area where visitors can contemplate the setting and liberate the mind in tranquil seclusion."




Pendulum Gardens

The Pendulum Gardens are based on idea from a poem of that name by the late Winifred Kidd. The site of Seaton Hall back to pre Roman times will have been home and work place to hundreds, if not thousands, of people whose souls once walked round the land now occupied by the garden.


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